Choices: Stories You Play – An Ultimate Guide to Know!

When it comes to the best simulation-based game, then only a single name comes to the mind and that is Choices: Stories You Play. It is created recently by Pixelberry and provides lots of amazing features to the players. Another main thing which all users should know is that they are totally free to make use of cheats for choices to get all things they want.

Yes, it is right that they simply get all things in the game using the cheats and hacks. It is the only way to Choices: Stories You Play easily without making enough efforts. One should also know that the game contains stories which depend on romance, love, drama, adventure and on horror theme also.

About currency

In Choices: Stories You Play, the currency is present in two main types i.e. diamonds and keys. These two are used for several differ purposes. The diamonds are used to customize your character and also to buy all things. On the other side, keys are used to unlock more new and classic stories in Choices: Stories You Play.  As mentioned above that players make use hacks and cheats, so they know that they simply use cheats for choice to get keys and diamonds.

Stories in Choices: Stories You Play

In the game, there are lots of classic and stunning stories present. Players have to know about them before going to start reading a particular story. Some of the main stories of the game are as follows –

·         The FRESHMAN


·         BLOODBOUND



So, these are some basic types of stories which all users have to know and there are many others present too. All stories aims to provide the best simulation based gaming experience.

3 Tips to Play Marvel Future Fight

3 Tips to Play Marvel Future Fight

Here in the post, you are going to meet with the best tips and tricks that players need to know and then play the game as to go ahead. Before the same, you simply have to know that the game is created by Netmarble and including under the gaming category of role-playing games.

Also, in the particular game there are lots of classic and powerful heroes or characters present which gamers need to select and then play the game accordingly. Gamers are provided with an in-app purchases feature by which gamers easily buy all things using their real-life money.

Tips to play Marvel Future Fight

Mentioned below are the main 3 tips by which all gamers easily play Marvel Future Fight and then go ahead in it. Gamers need to know them and then go ahead easily –

1.       Challenges – it is the best tip for the gamers to make progress. They simply have to complete more numbers of challenges in Marvel Future Fight to earn currency and also to make progress.

2.       Choose the best hero – well, gamers need to select the powerful and a classic hero among all to defeat the enemies or opponents accordingly.

3.       Upgrade your character – players also have to upgrade their character in Marvel Future Fight to enhance its power and skills as to go ahead easily.

Therefore, all these are the fine 3 tips which gamers have to use as to play it easily and to make further progress in Marvel Future Fight.

What about hacks and cheats?

Players should know that now they are free to use Marvel Future Fight hacks and cheats. For example, if they require currency in good amount, then they simply have to apply the appropriate cheat in an appropriate manner. Also, by using the hack options they get unlimited gold and crystals.

Olive oil sprayer – to enhance the quality of food

Olive oil sprayer – to enhance the quality of food

As we all know about the benefits and the uses of the olive oil, it makes your food healthy as well tasty. It is considered as high-quality oil from the past years, but it should be beneficial up to the limit. In cooking, if everything ingredient will be poured in the limit, then cooking becomes perfect. First and the important ingredient is used oil. Many people use olive oil in cooking but not in the exact quantity.

The right quality and quantity make the dish perfect. The superior quality of the oil considered as the olive oil. But for the superior quantity, you have to go for olive oil sprayer. It can pour the oil as per your need.

Buying an olive oil sprayer? Things to consider

Looks: if you decide to use a sprayer, you have to choose a big size of it. That helps you for a long time. Not only in size, in shape and structure, also should it be perfect.

Style of using: Make sure that it is a type of pumping spraying or brushing. Any other type of sprayer is not much beneficial or useful.

To clean: as sprayers require lots of maintenance and day to day cleaning is a must for the sprayers. Dirt in sprayers also affects your cooking or health.

For the best cooking, you always need the right quality and quantity. When we talk about the best quality of oil, olive oil is mostly considered, and sprayers are used for the right quantity measure source.

A Complete Beginners Guide that You Need to Know about SimCity Buildit!


SimCity Buildit is a top-best city building game for Android and iOS users. Have you ever thought about being an impressive city then you must read this post? This game is totally filled with lots of fun, where players can enjoy a lot.

In detail, every player has one objective in the game is to make their city more impressive by build up more and more buildings and houses where people can live peacefully. Gamers also need to complete daily tasks in order to grab better rewards. A simcity buildit cheats tool is also available for players that help them to generate every type of useful items or even without putting hard efforts.

Beautiful Concept of Simcity Buildit!

  • The concept of this game is very easy that the newbie can easily understand it with minimum efforts. There are two types of In-Game Currencies available in the game, which are in the forms of Simoleons and SimCash that players need to obtain both types of funds as much as they can.
  • Moreover, if you have a good amount of In-Game Currencies available in your gaming account, then you can develop your city properly by constructing smooth run roads and well maintained-structures.
  • Eventually, in this game, residents are known to be Sims. One should always keep their Sims happy by fulfilling their demands on time to time. The happier your Sims means, the more you gain tax as rent.

Things You Must Know About Homescapes

Things You Must Know About Homescapes

Gardenscapes was a big hit from Playrix and now the same studio is back with Homescapes where you need to solve puzzles and renovate the home. Austin wants to save his childhood home as his parents are willing to sell it due to its bad condition. As if you renovate the home, his parents will reconsider their previous decision.

Coins and stars are playing an imperative role in the renovation. Both can be earned by completing levels and playing live events. If you are not able to acquire sufficient amount then in-app purchases come handy. However, we recommend you to focus on important tiles and completing levels to earn resources instead of spending real money.

How to acquire coins for free?

Every player may know the importance of coins which is the main currency of this game and also has a significant role. As you all know that without having enough coins, no one can make progress or complete the complicated levels. This is why every player wants to earn more and more coins. If you also want to increase the balance of coins in your account then this is a piece of cake and you can also do it without wasting your more time. The simple and easy method to earn coins is by watching advertisement videos or log in daily in the game.

With the help of coins, players can purchase moves so they can complete the different levels with ease. This can also help them to eliminate lots of issues related to the shortage of moves and they can also use coins to buy boosters and other in-game items. Apart from this, players can also use some effective programs or tools that are available on the internet for the convenience of the players. By using these programs, anyone can acquire unlimited coins to load their game account.

Features of My Story Choose Your Own Path Game!

There are plenty of interesting features in My Story Choose Your Own Path Game that makes it unique and extremely great for all story lover. One should complete the tutorial first in order to know the whole concept of the game in the beginning levels.

What’s more? Players of this game have only the motive to complete the stories as much as possible in order to unlock interesting ones like romantic, horror, and so on. But don’t forget to follow the footsteps of gameplay because it contains every type of information in short ways that help the players to achieve their respective goals. My Story Hack has ever developed a tool that gamers can use to get every type of resources in an excess amount or even without putting hard efforts on any task.

Top 4 Brief Features that You Should Know!

Ø  You are allowed to customize your own character and choose different hairstyles and get-ups for them. By doing this, your character always stay happy and ready-to-complete more stories.

Ø  This game has extraordinary graphics that gamers can finish more and more chapters without facing a single issue related to display quality or brightness.

Ø  Daily challenges and events are also available in the game, which allows the players to accomplish them step by step.

Ø  There are plenty of stories included in the game that players can choose from according to their priority and complete it at the right time.

Ø  Multiplayer mode is also available for the players so that they can complete their given task with their friends and siblings by connecting the Facebook account with My Story Choose Your Own Path Game.

Dozens of interesting and impressive stories are waiting for you in the main menu that you can choose from as you complete the previous one. Before start playing the game, then make sure to read all the features mentioned above and try to understand so that you can complete every task with more interest.  

Mobile Legends Battle Spell Guide!

Mobile Legends is an interesting online game where you will come across innumerable battle spells that can be selected for your gaming character. Ensure that you select the battle spells carefully so that it complements your playable character. For instance, Stun battle spell is useful for Fighter or Marksman whereas the Weaken battle spell is perfect for Mage. To make this simpler, listed below are some wonderful battle spells and their usage that you can utilize in Mobile Legends game:

ü Healing Spell: It is useful for Support or Tank as it can regain 10% HP for your gaming character as well as your neighboring team members. Moreover, if the healing spell is received only by one hero then its effect will enhance to 50%.

ü Fury Spell: It is useful for Marksman and will be required in Level 5. This spell can regain own defense by 20%, enhance the attacking speed by 55% and physical attack by 15%. The spell has the capability to last for 5s.

ü Flicker Spell: It is perfect for Fighter and will be required in Level 19. The spell has the ability to teleport a definite amount of distance in a specific direction. After the teleport, for the next one second, the disabling effects will be decreased by 50%.

ü Purify Spell: This spell is useful for support and will be essential in Level 15. The spell will let you eliminate all negative effects thereby yielding immunity from enemies for 2s. Moreover, it will even enhance the movement speed by over 30%.

ü Interference Spell: It is useful for tank or fighter and is required in Level 11. The spell has the ability to silence defense turrets for about 5s. Moreover, it can even lower their defense ability by 10%.

There are several more types of battle spells that can be used to make Mobile Legends an entertaining game.  

Toon blast how many levels are there? And what are the uses of Boosts

Toon blast is an addictive game; once you start playing, there will no reason a player would wish to stop playing the game. Once you start playing, there are endless levels. Whenever you complete a level, another level will unlock automatically, which will be a little harder than the previous one. So if you are looking for completing all level read below and also try Toon blast unlimited lives to play without any distraction.

How many levels does Tool blast have?

After playing so many levels, you will realize that there are endless levels, but that’s not true. The developers release updates every week 50 new levels to complete. So that’s why mostly player believes that it has endless levels. In fact, level is harder than previous levels, so when a player extends to a higher level, they will also feel the difficulty of the game.

The game contains so many types of boosters mostly time Dice booster helps in puzzle making. Sometimes it gets impossible to solve the puzzle and player stuck in between so at the time booster helps a lot. The primary function of the booster is to remove obstacles and make puzzle boxes easy. Boosters are also limited as lives and coins and important part of the game too. Every Tool blast player can use Toon blast unlimited lives to get all three things in unlimited amount.

Toon blast champion league

After finishes, all levels player can still play a lot of things in-game. In the game, there is a competitive league also available which is called as ‘Toon blast champions league.’ You will find the same level player as you who have completed their levels too. In the league all player compete with each other and who earn more trophies win the match.  

Fine 4 Tips and Tricks to Play Modern Combat


To play Modern Combat in a perfect manner, one has to require some good or you can say effective tips or tricks. Therefore, here in the post gamers are provided with some good and easy tips or tricks which they have to understand and then apply while playing Modern Combat. These all tips help them in playing Modern Combat in an appropriate manner and also by using these tips they make good progress.

Go through 4 main classic tips and tricks

Here you are going to meet with most effective 4 Modern Combat tips or tricks. Players have to pay attention on all these tips as to play the game properly –

·         On auto-shoot – One has to switch on the auto-shoot option in the starting. It is because by doing so, the simply kill all their enemies in the missions and complete all missions easily.

·         Always reload – Users of Modern Combat also have to know that they always reload their weapon while in playing in a mission.

·         Apply hacks or cheats to get all things – As they are free to use hacks or cheats, so they simply have to apply Modern Combat Cheats in the game to get currency and any powerful weapon they want.

·         Get more medals – If you are playing Modern Combat then your only target is get more and more medals. You simply have to complete all objectives, missions and challenges.

These are the best and classic 4 tips or tricks which every player should use when playing Modern Combat as to get good results. The more and more they consider these tips, the easier they go far in Modern Combat.

Everything you need to know regarding Simcity Buildit


There are a lot of incredible games that are out there, and SimCity Buildit is one of them. It is considered as one of the best game where you have to upgrade a lot of buildings and manufacture essential resources. If you are one who wants to buy resources, then you should make the use of Simcash that will surely help you in buying resources of the game. Make sure that you are paying attention to the customization of the city.

It is highly recommended that you should always build a lot of perks and make citizens happy. If the population of the city is happy, then you will be surely able to earn a significant amount of coins on a regular basis. Apart from that, one should consider the residential zones of the game. In order to know more related to the SimCity, and then you should read forthcoming paragraphs properly.

·        Consider the effecting area

In order to make the citizens happier, then you should pay attention to natural problems like traffic, pollution, and fires. If you are solving the common problems of the city, then you will able to generate a lot of tax with ease. It would be better to make the use of SimCity Buildit hack app that is providing an unlimited currency that will surely help you in buying in-game resources. It is highly recommended that you should always pay close attention to the proper customization of the city.

·        What about Factories?

Make sure that you are installing a new factory that will able to produce essential material like seeds, plastic, and other important things. Moving Further, in order to customize the buildings, then it is your responsibility to keep materials and essential items in hand.