Overhauling the laptop battery life: Battery Recondition

Overhauling the laptop battery life: Battery Recondition


Most of the laptop users buy or replace a consumed or dead battery of their computer. Some of them get the advantage to replace it within the company as the warranty of the product isn’t over yet. But the rest of them hardly thinks about reconditioning the product. So, in this discussion, we are going to learn simple and basic steps how to recondition laptop batteries. Battery reconditioning process is very useful over the years on car batteries, this process can recondition an old dead un-useful battery to a new fully working battery. The batteries are one of the biggest components of a car after the engine. The battery is one of the costly component present in a car and without a battery or without a working battery the car is completely dead, So the battery is very useful on the car. The process of battery reconditioning on laptops are sometimes very laborious and sometimes the process is very much brief.

                             In the beginning, we have to know that how many variants of batteries are there in the matter of a laptop’s battery. There are three verities-

         Nickel Cadmium,

         Nickel Metal Hydride &

         Lithium Ion.

Among these three type of batteries one cannot be revived, that is Li-Ion. Except that both of the other two categories of batteries can be reconditioned by following some steps as given below.


First Method- Recalibration:

This process of battery reconditioning only works for those laptops which shows a level of battery but cannot act up to it.

1.       First, check the battery level, and then let it charge fully up to the max level.

2.       Now lose the charging cables and cut the power off. Here is an important job to do, turn on the high-performance mode so that it could consume all the batteries as soon as possible.

3.       As soon as the battery dies let it be like that for at least 4 to 5 hours. After that connect the power adapter and keep charging until it reaches the max and disconnects the cord.

4.       Now reset the battery monitoring unit so that the cache memory is cleaned and restart it again and check the monitoring now, it will show the exact capacity from now on.


Second Method- Cool down the Laptop:

This process of battery reconditioning is only for the Li-Ion batteries. When a user has this kind of battery in her/his laptop they should let it work coolly to set the battery’s life longer. The external cooler also will work with this method.


Third Method- Charge fully when it’s about to Shut-down:

Here in this procedure mostly the users have to maintain the charging event as followed- they should charge it up to cent percent and when it’s down to 7-8% get the charger back in the laptop and repeat this step. And who has Li-Ion battery in her/his laptop she/he should let it charge up to 80% and attach the power adapter when it is around 40-45%?


The fourth Method- Put Battery outside of the PC:

This is an extensive solution for keeping the battery life great. A user can put out the battery from the laptop while being connected to the power adapter. This will make no use of the battery and still, you can run the PC.


Still, the recalibration of a battery in case of laptops is the best way to recondition the battery life. Hence the rest of the regarding processes are not dumb as well. We have to check at our best to save some bucks and nature a bit as well.