Toon blast how many levels are there? And what are the uses of Boosts

Toon blast is an addictive game; once you start playing, there will no reason a player would wish to stop playing the game. Once you start playing, there are endless levels. Whenever you complete a level, another level will unlock automatically, which will be a little harder than the previous one. So if you are looking for completing all level read below and also try Toon blast unlimited lives to play without any distraction.

How many levels does Tool blast have?

After playing so many levels, you will realize that there are endless levels, but that’s not true. The developers release updates every week 50 new levels to complete. So that’s why mostly player believes that it has endless levels. In fact, level is harder than previous levels, so when a player extends to a higher level, they will also feel the difficulty of the game.

The game contains so many types of boosters mostly time Dice booster helps in puzzle making. Sometimes it gets impossible to solve the puzzle and player stuck in between so at the time booster helps a lot. The primary function of the booster is to remove obstacles and make puzzle boxes easy. Boosters are also limited as lives and coins and important part of the game too. Every Tool blast player can use Toon blast unlimited lives to get all three things in unlimited amount.

Toon blast champion league

After finishes, all levels player can still play a lot of things in-game. In the game, there is a competitive league also available which is called as ‘Toon blast champions league.’ You will find the same level player as you who have completed their levels too. In the league all player compete with each other and who earn more trophies win the match.